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We pride ourselves in sourcing the best products for our clients from all parts of the world. We also have global partners who manufacture quality and customized products for our region. We understand that organisations need to lower their cost to dollar spend. Thus, we identify several saving opportunities to customers while providing robust processes that are in compliance with local and international laws.


Our procurement activities cover both local and global sourcing. Our understanding of peculiar terrain of African Business ensures your delivery is never delayed. We are sole Agent / Distributor to major manufacturers in the world.


Blue Ocean Distributors offer significant advantages through our superior breadth and depth of resources and our maintenance approach to large and small projects.


A critical competency of Blue Ocean Distributors is our strength in global strategic sourcing. A rigorous analysis and selection process is used to secure beneficial long-term agreements with industry’s most advantaged suppliers. By pre-investing in developing a reliable project material supply base, Blue Ocean Distributors can deliver competitive cost, reliable quality goods and services to her clients and projects. There are few, if any, companies with the experience and technical expertise of Blue Ocean Distributors, who have taken the bold step to apply strategic sourcing principles to capital goods in Africa.

Over 20 Years of Experience.

We will ensure that you become the best selling product in your niche. Blue Ocean also has a wide-spread marketing team in several African countries that market partner products in their assigned countries.